Monday, 9 January 2012

friday 6th january 2012

Okay so i had yet another appointment at the orthodontist, not all that much change, i've had put in what i believe to be the final wire for my brace (HURRAH!) though this one will be in for 12 weeks as its the last but slowest to work, as no visual improvement will be made for the first few weeks as it works the roots into the precise place ready for surgery time :)
though- i may be going a little mad here as i think there has been some slight movements, as when prior to braces i had teeth removed, the spaces have become much less in the last couple of weeks so much that a gap is barely noticeable to me anymore
waiting for the next appointment letter to be sent in the post though it should be around the middle of february buti know only too well how behind the NHS tend to be with appointments!
this wires rather sore and its been in almost four days, normally the ache resides after a couple of days, its probably a good sign as it means they're working fast :) but boy oh boy was it tight when being put in! but on the plus side, new purple elastic bands :)
love x

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